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        ABOUT US

        Company Profile

        Founded in November 2001,Unionman Technology Co., Ltd is a listed company that went public on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in March 2021, with stock code 688609.The company is committed to industry application solutions for home multimedia information terminals, smart home network communication equipment, IoT communication modules,participated in the research and development, production, sales and service of smart city solutions, 5G+8K commercial display screens, Harmony AI industry, edge computing and Xinchuang products, and has become a flagship brand in China's communications industry. The company mainly targets the operator market, and its main products include smart network Set-Top Boxes, DVB digital Set-Top Boxes, ONU smart home gateways, integrated smart home gateways, smart Routers, NB-IoT modules, LTE communication modules, 25G fronthaul optical modules, smart cameras, 5G +8K commercial display equipment, Harmony AI computing power development board, intelligent public transportation system and smart city data platform, etc. 

        With the development of 5G+8K ultra-high-definition technology and applications, Unionman Technology relies on more than 20 years of experience in service operators and the company's rich technology accumulation in multimedia products to actively deploy ultra-high-definition industries and independently develop commercial display products. The first 110-inch 8K professional display in China has entered the broadcast control hall of CCTV, serving the live 8K ultra-high-definition live broadcast of major events and activities such as the Winter Olympics and Spring Festival Gala. Work with partners to jointly promote Chinese standards in the audio and video industry's collection, editing, compression, transmission, broadcast control and other applications, and jointly promote the development of the ultra-high-definition video industry. In addition, the "14th Five-Year Plan" was promulgated to accelerate the development of software and information technology service industries. The company has newly established a computing product line, which is engaged in the planning, research and development, production and technical support of edge computing products and Xinchuang products. The computing product line will build an ecology around domestic operating systems and hardware, and open up a market in the fields of Xinchuang, edge computing and industrial control.

        Unionman firmly believes that R&D accumulation and continuous innovation are the core competitiveness of enterprise development. While continuing to accumulate R&D technology, it focuses on building a R&D system. The company has 1,565 employees, of which the R&D team accounts for 38.66%, and the R&D investment accounts for 5.92% of the income. It is one of the founding units of China and one of the important participants in promoting the development of my country's digital TV industry. At present, the company has been authorized 35 invention patents, 82 utility model patents, 36 appearance patents and 181 computer software copyrights, and has been awarded "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise". The company has also been identified as "Guangdong Province Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Guangdong Province Digital TV Set-top Box Engineering Technology Research and Development Center", "Guangdong Province Smart Home and Internet of Things Communication Integration Enterprise Key Laboratory", "Guangdong Province Doctor Workstation" . In addition, the company has always adhered to "carbon peak, carbon neutrality", helps ecological protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively fulfills the responsibility of ecological protection and environmental protection. It has become the only demonstration enterprise in Huizhou that integrates "green factory" and "green supply chain management" ", "Green Design Products" honors in one of the green manufacturing enterprises, and it is also one of only four enterprises in Guangdong Province that have been listed in the "Green Manufacturing List" of the whole series of national brands.

        Unionman adhere to market-oriented, customer-centered, established a relatively perfect technology research and development, quality management, intelligent manufacturing and after-sales service management system.In 2021, the company achieved an operating income of USD 398 million and a net profit of USD 14 million. At present, the company has set up seven sales regions (East China, Central China, North China, Northeast China, Northwest China, Southwest China and Guangdong) and 30 sales offices across the country. It has provided digital terminal equipment, products and services for hundreds of millions of digital home users. The after-sales service has covered more than 20 provincial-level administrative regions across the country, and has successfully opened up overseas markets such as South America, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States,etc. 


        Enterprise Culture

        Core Value

        Win-win and Sharing,Openness and Inclusiveness,Long-term strive,Pursuit excellence.

        Enterprise Mission

        Provide customers with wonderful and convenient information services to build a fully connected and digital world.

        Enterprise Vision

        To be a respected and globally competitive leading enterprise in digital life and intelligent Internet.

        Service Concept

        Reputation and service, said to do; Technology and products, perfect combination.

        Quality Policy

        Continuous improvement, doing it right once, full participation, customer first.

        Intellectual Property Policy

        Scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of survival, and standardized management is the way to development.

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